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Social Media Marketing Services

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing refers to activities initiated on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. witht he intention to spread the message or content in a form of video, text and images. The objective of this form of marketing is to gain attention, visability and traffic for both corporate companies and small "mom and pop" shops. Social Media Marketing has became an important part of online marketing strategies. By using this avenue, companies at all levels can gain and retain clients by tapping into Social Media Networks. These networks are currently recognized as valuable resources, which are utilized as a form of free advertizement.

Social media usage by small business owners has doubled in 2009 and rose again in 2010
     - 91% are using at least one social media tool
     - 80% have a company page on a social media networking site
     - 79% post status updates or articles of interest on social media sites
     - 54% monitor feedback about the business
     - 64% maintain a blog
     - 52% are active on Twitter

Social Media Marketing focuses on the reach and repeat strategy by engaging consumers across multiple channels. This platform has became beneficial and effective through its continuous engagement and outreach to both new and existing consumers. Social Media Marketing planning is a consulting service that uniquely develops strategies to discover, attract and motivate the target audience to become closer with their brands, products or services. The goal is to build brand awareness, initiate the acceptance and promotion of products and services, generate web site traffic, and add links to the web sites to generate organic search engine optimization.

Why use iAnnex?
iAnnex Social Media Marketing plan is comprised to meet the client's goals and objectives. We select a target audience for each campaign that is completely unique, customizing our strategy to match the goals of each individual client.
iAnnex has 7 year experience helping small, medium and large companies with their online marketing needs. Now you can take advantage of that experience and consolidate all your online marketing needs with us for a very competitive price.

Please CLICK HERE to see the Social Media Marketing packages we offer or contact us at info@iannex.net for more information.


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